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Useful Idiots -- Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy, Radical Chic and Parlor Socialism

By The Neville Awards
Originally Posted 4/3/07 Updated 4/8/18

You are all good people. Liberals and Progressives. You were always told that by your parents…products of the Depression/World War II and the Viet Nam generations. They told you that the liberals were the good guys and the conservatives were the spawn of Satan. So it is liberal orthodoxy.

You have the best of intentions. It's your turn now.

You are well educated, went to good schools and universities, smug in the knowledge that you know what's best for the rest of us.

You read the NY Times, LA Times, the Washington Post, Vanity Fair, Cosmo, Time, Newsweek and The New Yorker. You watch CNN, MS-13NBC and hate Fox, even though you never actually watch it. Rachel Maddow rocks. Hannity is the devil. "They" told you he was horrible. And you believed them. After all, you are too busy to do your own research…you're just so busy saving the world.

You are tolerant and sensitive. You celebrate diversity and multiculturalism. You don't make judgments. You don't need to go to bad word rehab…no self-respecting liberal would ever need to go. You practice self-censorship, always watching what you say and do. Invoking the Fairness Doctrine, and claiming right-wing media bias, you also try to censor anything else you don't agree with. Hey, didn't a black, straight Grey's Anatomy guy say a little nasty about a gay Grey's Anatomy guy? In liberal orthodoxy is it even possible for a black to be a bigot or a homophobe? It's OK, he apologized and went to rehab for sensitivity training (brainwashing). So all is forgiven. The transgressor was a liberal actor. The cultural thought police are ever ready to catch you actually speaking your mind.

You are on the politically correct side of all the fashionable issues. You are a Social Justice Warrior. You support the campus speech codes. You've got all of the happening student groups on campus…..Black Lives Matter....Yeah! Students for Justice in Palestine....Yeah! The Che Guevara Terrorist in Training Society, MEChA, La Raza, The Muslim Peoples Liberation for Oppressed This and That Whatever Organization. You hate the Washington Redskins and the Cleveland Indian's Chief Wahoo

You shout down the evil conservatives whenever they come to campus to lecture. You get have an astroturf Antifa riot. After all, you are oppressed…you are a victim, you just can't get your message out. And you mustn't, under any circumstances, let an alternative view anywhere near the campus.

You support all of the fashionable causes. Boycott everyone. Gun Control. You are down with the Margaret Sanger inspired Planned Parenthood Chop Shops. Free Tibet!!...except when Obama and NYT moron Tom Friedman says China's infrastructure is superior to ours.

And the LGBT/Transgender/Gay Marriage fascists. Where would we be without them? So much virtue signaling, so little time. The way they are represented on TV Programming one would think they are 60% of the population. They, along with the Muslims, are the Left's newest pets. You need a scorecard to keep all of this victimology straight.

You totally get Radical Chic, Marx, Engels, Alinsky, Lenin, Mao, Uncle Ho, Fidel, Che, Hugo and the latest Commie despot du Jour (fill in the blank). From each according to his ability to each according to his needs...the world as it is...the world as it should long as it's not your stuff or your abilities. You don't work for need to get paid.

You've read all the essential literature: Das Kapital, The Communist Manifesto, Quotations of Chairman Mao, Rules for Radicals...well, you never REALLY read the books. You just have them around to impress your lib friends. [Guys, you know the drill...get her back to your place, strategically place these books on your coffee table, dazzle her with a little Marxist blather, show her you are a sensitive, caring Metrosexual, tell her you hated Bush and the Iraq War, loved Obama and Hillary and hate Trump, and you can seal the deal.]

You support women's rights, black rights, Hispanic rights, gay rights, Muslim rights, terrorists' rights, affirmative action, smoking bans and global warming. You've got the whole 'white guilt' syndrome down pat. And it's reinforced by the campus establishment and all of the maniactivist pressure groups. You attend courses on women's studies, black studies, Hispanic studies, Arab studies, Pacific Islander studies, peace studies, ethnic studies, all of which prepares you for nothing more than a career in academia so you can recycle the same useless politically correct fluff. At least you will get tenure so you don't actually have to accomplish anything. And if it's a state university you can suck at the public trough forever.

You've got your Pink Pussy Hat. You are down with the feminist theory of social constructionism, which holds that the differences between men and women - apart from all of the visible ones - are not biologically determined, but are created by "society," and in particular by a patriarchal social structure designed by men to oppress women. You've read Betty Freidan's 'The Feminine Mystique'. You have the power. All those evil white men…

You are pro open borders. Never mind that illegal immigration lowers working class wages in general. They are undocumented, not illegal. "Doing the jobs that Americans won't do." They just want to come here and work. They pay taxes. They love much that they are tripping over themselves to break the law to come here. Anything to get away from the corrupt government that screws it's own people and the encourages illegal migration north. Besides, being anti-illegal immigration is racist. You wouldn't want to be branded with the 'R" word.

You blame America first. You know that your country is the source of all the misery in the world. You were taught that in school…it's our fault…you've read Howard Zinn. You saw Dances With Wolves. You agree with Susan Sontag…"the white race is the cancer of humanity." What a burden!! It's all your fault.

You believe Bush (single handedly) blew up the levees…indeed, he planned and caused Katrina, along with Cheney, down in that undisclosed bunker location. And Bush/Cheney forced Russia to invade Georgia...Putin was provoked.

You know the reason we were in Iraq…those nasty hard-hearted Neo-Cons just want that oil (where would they put it after they steal it?). And you are still pissed off. No blood for oil…Bush lied--People died. And what about the WMD? He must have lied. They all lied…Bush, Blair, The Russians, The French, Clinton (Hill and Bill), and the U.N. No matter. Bush lied…it advances your agenda. Just don't let the inconvenient facts get in the way…it'll ruin everything.

You watch 'The View'. You're on board with Tokyo Rosie O'Donnell and the 9/11 truth crowd. You believe the U.S. government caused 9/11. And the British provoked the Iranians into seizing the sailors and marines. It's our fault.

9/11, Katrina, Iraq, Afghanistan… not bad for the most stupid man we've ever elected president. How could someone so dumb accomplish so much? You are much smarter than the president and you enunciate so clearly.

You want lawyers for terrorists…I'm sorry, insurgents, oh yeah, freedom fighters. Tokyo Rosie said "Don't fear the terrorists, they are mothers and fathers too." You want to shut down Guantanamo Bay. After all we are torturing the poor defenseless terrorists. Bring them here. Give them an ACLU lawyer.

The Democratic Party is the new home of anti-Semitism in our time (impossible, you are still liberals). But the appeasement policies of the Democratic Party and the activism of the New Left, which your party is now beholden to, (Michael Moore, George Soros, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Cindy Sheehan,, Daily Kos, Code Pink, World Can't Wait) enable our enemy both here and abroad -- radical Islam. International A.N.S.W.E.R. and Code Pink openly hate Israel. But you attend all of the peace demonstrations sponsored by these groups. Did you know that the International Socialist Workers Party funds International A.N.S.W.E.R.? Nice company you're keeping.

Your carbon footprint is small…unless you are John Travolta and Arianna Huffington flying around on private jets, or Al Gore and John Edwards who own mansions big enough to land planes in. You are walking to all of those peace demonstrations in canvas shoes, aren't you? Have you swapped out all of your incandescent light bulbs yet?

You want higher taxes. You want all of my money. Because you care. You just want to help the disadvantaged…forever. A hand up, not a handout, right? However, if you're rich enough you can hide your money in Belize like Ted Kennedy and still call for higher taxes.

You are, as Lenin labled you, gullible, naive useful idiots. You've bought into the liberal lie -- hook, line and sinker.

The ultimate leftist/communist and social fascist Lenin described the "useful idiot" as those people living in liberal democracies who, by giving moral and material support to a totalitarian ideology, were "braiding the rope that would hang them".

Why people who enjoy freedom and prosperity would work passionately to destroy both is a fascinating question, one still with us today. Today's useful idiots can be found in the unending chorus of appeasement in the 'guilt-ridden hate America first' crowd, and in the naive idealism that prevents our necessary responses to the latest and most fashionable flavor of freedom-hating ideology, Islamic fascism. The list is a long one...too long to mention here. One only needs to look at Round One and Two of the Neville Awards to see the useful idiots of our own era. But there are many others, going back to the 1920's and 1930's who paved the way for our current crop of leftist political and social "geniuses."

For liberals to win national office the United States must fail economically and politically. When the going gets tough you are ready to cut and run. You are invested in defeat and you own surrender because you hate yourself and this country. Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid declares "The war is lost". And reminiscent of Chamberlain's infamous Munich meeting with Hitler, "Damascus" Nanci Pelosi returned from Syria for "talks" with Assad. In an eerie "peace for our time" Neville Chamberlain moment she declared "the road to Damascus is a road to peace". She is a useful idiot. The Muslim enemy smiles to your face and laughs at your back.

Newly elected Democrats are voting for meaningless anti-war resolutions and surrender timetables knowing they will be vetoed because they don't have the guts for an up or down vote to cut off war funding. That would be political suicide no matter who was president. But you support the troops…gotta love those brave boys (and girls) in uniform…so long as you don't actually use them. As a liberal you might have to commit to something painful.

You believe that the Muslim Fascists couldn't possibly want to harm you because you are so reasonable, enlightened, tolerant and understanding. Believe me, they don't care. They will kill you, and everyone else simply because we are not Muslims. If you are gay they'll start with you…and then get to the straight liberals (the conservatives will be tougher to deal with because we are armed). "They can't possibly want to kill me…I understand the source of their hatred and want to reason with them." The Jews of Germany were similarly confounded as they were being led to the gas chambers. Or are you so consumed with Bush Hatred Syndrome that you are straying into the Holocaust denial zone (popular now amongst the trendy appeasing European leftist intelligentsia and Muslims)? Everybody believed Neville Chamberlain's "peace for our time' nonsense after his meeting with Hitler. Chamberlain was Hitler's useful idiot. Nobody believed Hitler meant what he was saying in Mein Kampf. Nobody seems to take Iran's Ahmadinejad at his word when he says he wants to wipe Israel off the map. The year is 1939…déjà vu all over again.

Liberals did nothing when our embassy personnel were held for 444 days in the late 1970's. They did nothing when our embassies and warships were attacked in the 1990's…we accepted Carter's and Clinton's weak explanations for their lack of leadership in the face of Muslim acts of war. But when Bush finally drew the line in the sand there was great wringing of hands and rending of clothes among the very people who said nothing about Clinton's Kosovo war. Well, Clinton is a Democrat so it's OK.

The list of Democrats who voted for war funding is large and very public. These same Democrats want to bail now that the war has lasted longer than we had hoped. It's a good thing you guys were not around in the 1940's after Guadalcanal, D-Day, the Battle of the Bulge, Iwo Jima, Okinawa and every other engagement where we got our nose more than a little bloodied.

The dinosaur media and newspapers are similarly pathetic and in the tank for the left. If we'd had the kind of relentlessly negative reporting of WWII and the publishing of classified data as we did during the Viet Nam era and as we do now in the Iraq era, no doubt, we would have negotiated for terms with the Germans and the Japanese, convinced we couldn't win as we are now by the liberal media machine.

Imagine the headlines during World War II if Pinch Sulzberger and Bill Keller had been running things at the N.Y. Times:

Dec. 8, 1941 -- Japanese Attack Pearl Harbor
Attack is justified because of U.S. oil and raw materials embargo.
Congress' declaration of war and our general mobilization seen as a disproportionate response.

May 6, 1942 -- Japanese Imperial Code Broken
Japanese attacking Midway Island in June.
German code also broken using captured "Enigma" decryptor.

Jan. 3, 1943 -- Roosevelt Orders Super-Secret Weapons Program - Code Named "Manhattan Project"
Robert Oppenheimer tapped to head classified project at Los Alamos, N.M.-- Atom bomb said to be 15 months away from testing.

Mar. 20, 1943 -- B-17 Flying Fortress to be Equipped With New Bomb Sight
Bombardiers can drop bombs within a 100-foot circle from an altitude of well over 20,000 feet using the classified Norden Bomb Sight.

Nov. 3, 1943 -- Allied Killed in Action Reaches 200,000
Opposition to the war growing...Germans and Japanese seen as unbeatable.
Italian campaign a "quagmire"...Secretary Of War Henry L. Stimson must step down.
Calls for an exit strategy and a pull-out date increase.
U.S. Forces should be re-deployed to Hawaii and England

Mar. 5, 1944 -- Allied Landing in Normandy Set for Early June
Patton assigned to Knutsford, England as a diversion. -- Several imaginary divisions built around him to throw off German intelligence. Landings will not take place at Pas-de-Calais. -- Bletchley Park accused of faking radio traffic. -- German defenses seen as 'insurmountable' along the French coast.

Jan. 5, 1945 -- ACLU Alleges Abuses at German and Japanese POW Camps
SS troops and Japanese soldiers' culture and civil rights not respected. -- Calls for civilian trials of all POW's taken in the field.

The liberal media and the ACLU have been working ceaselessly to hamstring our ability to gather intelligence. But 9/11 was a massive intelligence failure, you say. The ACLU and the media have opposed every measure passed to effectively gather intelligence to prevent further attacks in the post 9/11 era. If these measures are lost another attack may well occur. And these same liberal losers who decried the Patriot Act will be whining about unconnected dots ad nauseum...unless the president is a Democrat.

Finally you are a moral relativist infected with the virus of multiculturalism. You are incapable of seeing right and wrong when it's staring you in the face. In your world, where judgments aren't made, one culture is as good as another…one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. You long for an America that resembles the enlightened and sophisticated Europeans, who are currently committing cultural and political suicide as they allow the continent to be overrun by radicalized Muslim immigrants. In England, schools are dropping the Holocaust from history lessons to avoid offending Muslim pupils, a Government-backed study has revealed. It found some teachers are reluctant to cover the atrocity for fear of upsetting students whose beliefs include Holocaust denial. There is also resistance to tackling the 11th century Crusades - where Christians fought Muslim armies for control of Jerusalem - because lessons often contradict what is taught in local mosques. Declining church attendance, increasing secularization, rampant political correctness and cultural self-loathing have made Europe impotent in the face of the true believer jihadi.

Europe is rapidly losing its culture, which is also the root of our culture. Population and demographics experts expect the Islamification of Europe to be complete by 2050 unless Christian Europe grows a spine and starts deporting its Muslim population and shutting down the mosques. As long as Europe is in the grip of political correctness that kind of necessary religious and racial profiling will not take place. Think it can't happen here? It is happening...just ask the residents of Dearborn, Michigan.

So why not move to Europe, or anywhere else for that matter? You believe you live in a fascist or semi-police state where your freedoms are being eaten away by the heavy-handed Patriot Act. Well, just try living in a real police state. You wouldn't last a month. You'd be outraged at the government intrusion into your activities. Besides, as much as you decry Capitalism and embrace Radical Chic and hang with the Parlor Socialists and the Limousine Libs, the money you earn here is just too damn good, and you are just too damn free to speak your mind.

So rant away, useful idiots. The United States Armed Forces has been spilling blood for the last 240 years for your inalienable right to be one.