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Islamo-Fascists to Build Mosque Steps Away from the 9/11 Site -- Pt. 2

By Gary Starr for the Neville Awards
August 6, 2010

Building a mosque at the 9/11 site is the equivalent of building the Al-aqsa mosque on the site of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.

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Muslim Scum to Build Mosque Steps Away from the 9/11 Site
Muslim Scum to Build Mosque Steps Away from the 9/11 Site -- Part 2

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The New York based Landmarks Preservation Commission has voted unanimously to deny landmark status to a building two blocks from the World Trade Center site that developers want to tear down and convert into an Islamic community center and mosque.

The decision has cleared the way for the Islamist scum, including CAIR, and the Islamic apologists and enablers on the left , to begin construction near Ground Zero.

The decision drew praise from the idiot Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who called the mosque project a key test of Americans' commitment to religious freedom. Bloomberg would have been very comfortable collaborating with the Nazis in WWII.

"The World Trade Center site will forever hold a special place in our city, in our hearts," said Bloomberg, a Democrat turned Republican turned independent turned national security squish. "But we would be untrue to the best part of ourselves, and who we are as New Yorkers and Americans, if we said no to a mosque in lower Manhattan."

Bloomberg added that denying religious freedom to Muslims would play into terrorists' hands. And the War in Iraq played into terrorists' hands, and now the war in Afghanistan plays into terrorists' hands. Actually the only thing playing into terrorists' hands is our appeasement, weakness and naivete. Islamists are laughing at us.

Note to Bloomberg: it's not about religious freedom you shmuck. It's about another stealth sharia victory in the United States. This mosque could be built anywhere in deliberately build it at Ground Zero is the sharpest stick in the eye the Islamists could think of, short of setting off a biological or nuclear device.

The article continues below:

This is the same Mayor Bloomberg, who just before the would-be Times Square bomber was caught, twisted himself into a "tolerancy" pretzel and speculated that the perpetrator could be….wait for it…. a person opposed to healthcare. He was implying that white Tea Partiers were to blame. Of course the perp turned out be a Muslim who received terrorist training in Pakistan. What a surprise.

American leftists and Islamic fellow travelers were quick to tar opponents of the mosque with their favorite accusations of "Islamophobia", and the old standby..."Racism." How predictable, how pathetic.

Bill O'Reilly and Canadian Muslim Raheel Raza:

Former Rep. Rick Lazio, a Republican running for governor of New York, attended the commission meeting with a handful of opponents to the mosque, which is being developed by a group called the Cordoba Initiative, run by imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf.

"This is not about religion," Lazio said. "It's about this particular mosque called the Cordoba Mosque, it's about it being at ground zero, it's about it being spearheaded by an imam who has associated himself with radical Islamic causes and has made comments that should chill every single American, frankly."

Lazio said Abdul Rauf, has refused to call the Palestinian group Hamas a terrorist organization. Rauf also said in a "60 Minutes" interview televised shortly after Sept. 11 that "United States policies were an accessory to the crime that happened."

The Cordoba Initiative says on its website that its goal is to foster a better relationship between the Muslim world and the West, "steering the world back to the course of mutual recognition and respect and away from heightened tensions." This, of course is, a lie. The Koran commands Muslims and their enablers to lie (taqqia) to advance Islam's ends.

And this imam is a liar...Cordoba mosque is nothing less than a "victory mosque"

"We believe it will be a place where the counter-momentum against extremism will begin," the imam's wife, Daisy Khan, told The Associated Press. "We are committed to peace."

Khan told The Wall Street Journal that the center's board will include members of other religions and will explore including an interfaith chapel at the center. She is a liar as well.

Zead Ramadan, president of the board of the New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), said Islam is "a religion of peace and justice."

"The people here are trying to connect this vile attack on our nation to the religion Islam," he said, "though that exact act stands against everything that Islam stands for."

Ramadan is lying.

The story continues below:

Newt Gingrich on the Mosque and Stealth Sharia:

And the lie only deepens. To deflect criticism The Cordoba Mosque is now Park51, derived from the address, 51 Park Place. Sounds like an innocuous office building or a steamy TV drama.

This mosque is no different than any other mosque being built to blot out the past as Islam marches forward destroying everything in its path. The leftists in this country have unwittingly made some sort of insane suicide pact with Islam in the belief that they will, somehow, be spared. In the end they will lose their heads as well. Stealth sharia at it's most deadly.

As always, more erudite heads prevail at the Wall St. Journal:

Liberal Piety and the Memory of 9/11
The enlightened class can't understand why the public is uneasy about the Ground Zero mosque.
AUGUST 4, 2010


Americans may have lacked for much in the course of their history, but never instruction in social values. The question today is whether Americans of any era have ever confronted the bombardment of hectoring and sermonizing now directed at those whose views are deemed insufficiently enlightened—an offense regularly followed by accusations that the offenders have violated the most sacred principles of our democracy.

It doesn't take a lot to become the target of such a charge. There is no mistaking the beliefs on display in these accusations, most recently in regard to the mosque about to be erected 600 feet from Ground Zero. Which is that without the civilizing dictates of their superiors in government, ordinary Americans are lost to reason and decency. They are the kind of people who—as a recent presidential candidate put it—cling to their guns and their religion.

There is no better exemplar of that faith than New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, though in this he is hardly alone. Compared with the Obama White House, Mr. Bloomberg is a piker in the preachments and zealotry department. Still, no voice brings home more unforgettably the attitudes that speak for today's enlightened and progressive class.

The article continues below:

Immediately after the suspect in the attempted car bombing near Times Square was revealed to be Faisal Shahzad, of Pakistani origin, Mayor Bloomberg addressed the public. In admonishing tones—a Bloomberg trademark invariably suggestive of a school principal who knows exactly what to expect of the incorrigibles it is his unhappy fate to oversee—the mayor delivered a warning. There would be no toleration of "any bias or backlash against Pakistani or Muslim New Yorkers."

The notion that it is for the greater good that the people be led to suspect virtually any cause but the one they had the most reason to fear reflects a contempt for the citizenry that's of longstanding, but never so blatant as today. It is in the interest of higher values, Americans understand—higher, that is, than theirs—that they are now expected to accept official efforts to becloud reality.

Such values were the rationale for the official will to ignore the highly suspicious behavior of Maj. Nidal Hasan, who went on to murder 13 Americans at Fort Hood. A silence maintained despite all his commanders and colleagues knew about his raging hostility to the U.S. military and his strident advocacy on behalf of political Islam.

Those who knew—and they were many—chose silence out of fear of seeming insensitive to a Muslim. As one who had said nothing in the interest of this higher good later explained, Maj. Hasan was, after all, one of the few top-ranking Muslim officers the army had.

In the plan for an Islamic center and mosque some 15 stories high to be built near Ground Zero, the full force of politically correct piety is on display along with the usual unyielding assault on all dissenters. The project has aroused intense opposition from New Yorkers and Americans across the country. It has also elicited remarkable streams of oratory from New York's political leaders, including Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

"What are we all about if not religious freedom?" a fiery Mr. Cuomo asked early in this drama. Mr. Cuomo, running for governor, has since had less to say.

The same cannot be said for Mr. Bloomberg, who has gone on to deliver regular meditations on the need to support the mosque, and on the iniquity of its opponents. In the course of a speech at Dartmouth on July 16 he raised the matter unasked, and held forth on his contempt for those who opposed the project and even wanted to investigate the funding: "I just think it's the most outrageous thing anybody could suggest." Ground Zero is a "very appropriate place'' for a mosque, the mayor announced, because it "tells the world" that in America, we have freedom of religion for everybody.

Here was an idea we have been hearing more and more of lately—the need to show the world America's devotion to democracy and justice, also cited by the administration as a reason to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in New York City. Who is it, we can only wonder, that requires these proofs? What occasions these regular brayings on the need to show the world the United States is a free nation?

It's unlikely that the preachments now directed at opponents of the project by Mayor Bloomberg and others will persuade that opposition. Those fighting the building recognize full well the deliberate obtuseness of Mr. Bloomberg's exhortations, and those of Mr. Cuomo and others: the resort to pious battle cries, the claim that antagonists of the plan stand against religious freedom. They note, especially, the refusal to confront the obvious question posed by this proposed center towering over the ruins of 9/11.

It is a question most ordinary Americans, as usual, have no trouble defining. Namely, how is it that the planners, who have presented this effort as a grand design for the advancement of healing and interfaith understanding, have refused all consideration of the impact such a center will have near Ground Zero? Why have they insisted, despite intense resistance, on making the center an assertive presence in this place of haunted memory? It is an insistence that calls to mind the Flying Imams, whose ostentatious prayers—apparently designed to call attention to themselves on a U.S. Airways flight to Phoenix in November 2006—ended in a lawsuit. The imams sued. The airlines paid.

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser—devout Muslim, physician, former U.S. Navy lieutenant commander and founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy—says there is every reason to investigate the center's funding under the circumstances. Of the mosque so near the site of the 9/11 attacks, he notes "It will certainly be seen as a victory for political Islam."

The center may be built where planned. But it will not go easy or without consequence to the politicians intent on jamming the project down the public throat, in the name of principle. Liberal piety may have met its match in the raw memory of 9/11, and in citizens who have come to know pure demagoguery when they hear it. They have had, of late, plenty of practice.

Ms. Rabinowitz is a member of the Journal's editorial board.
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