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The Soft Coup, The Plot to Restore Barack Obama to the Presidency and Destroy Donald Trump

By The Neville Awards
Posted 4/18/18 Updated May 17, 2018

What no one will say, but I will, is that the ObamaGate/MuellerGate probe is an ongoing plot to restore Barack Obama to the Presidency. Before heads explode let me explain.

As Mark Levin says, we are in the middle of a slow motion coup

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Joseph diGenova, former federal prosecutor and Trump loyalist, says the truth is starting to seep out about the Obama Administration’s “brazen plot to exonerate Hillary Clinton” and “frame an incoming president with a false Russian conspiracy,” according to an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller

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Dan Bongino, on Tucker Carlson's show, has called the operation a sting.

So here’s what we know from the Nunes Memo and the Grassley Memo

Hillary kept a secret server overflowing with national security info which, more than likely, was hacked. On a Phoenix tarmac Bill Clinton met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch to seal a deal that Hillary would not be prosecuted. On July 5, 2016 James Comey pretty much exonerated Hillary when he said he would not Prosecute, after Barack Obama said there is no evidence that Hillary did anything wrong. Lynch also instructed Comey to call the Hillary scandal a “matter”

The Hillary campaign also paid Fusion GPS to gather dirt on Trump which became the dossier, compiled by Brit agent Christopher Steele, relying on Russian sources.. Steele and Fusion GPS gave the Dossier to the FBI and DOJ with the help of FBI employee Bruce Ohr's wife Nellie, who worked at Fusion GPS.

FBI guys James Comey and Andrew McCabe didn't bother to tell the FISA Judges under what circumstances the dossier was obtained and that it was unverified. In other words they lied to the FISA judge at least three times to get the warrants renewed, because the people who worked for them didn't want to see Trump elected.

Thus, the Department of Justice used the unverified dossier to obtain a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant against Carter Page, an alleged “foreign policy adviser” to Donald Trump and the last frayed thread of the Russian collusion story. The FISA court was not told who had paid Steele to create the “salacious and unverified” dossier — in the words of the showboating former FBI Director James Comey — much less about Steele’s personal hatred of Trump. And McCabe has testified that the Dossier was the basis of getting the FISA warrants. Two days later McCabe was fired.

And this now leads back to the Oval office. Texts between Peter Strzok and the now fired and discraced Lisa Page reveal Obama wanted to be briefed on EVERYTHING happening in the "Russia" investigation – after he 'guaranteed' he wouldn't get involved. Lisa Page wrote her lover Peter Strzok about the Clinton probe: Obama 'wants to know everything we're doing'

Obama had said he could 'guarantee' he wouldn't interfere and there would be 'no political influence' in the FBI investigation

The September 2, 2016 text message was among more 50,000 texts the pair sent during a two-year extramarital affair. Page was an FBI lawyer, and Strzok was a leading investigator on both the Clinton probe and the more recent Trump-Russia investigation. Strzok, though expected to be nonpartisan, also called Trump 'a ******g idiot' and texted Page about a cryptic 'insurance policy' against a Trump presidency

And now, as Russia Collusion falls apart, Herr Reichsmarshall Mueller and his Kapo Rod Rosenstien engaged in a Gestapo like raid of Trump's lawyer to secure Trump's private papers.

Here’s where my theory kicks in.

We are in the middle of what Mark Levin calls a soft coup, involving Obama, Clapper, Brennan, Comey, Rhodes, Rice, Lynch, Power, McCabe, Mueller and rogue FBI/DOJ officials. The “resistance” to duly elected president Donald Trump, writes Michael Walsh, “was an intelligence operation from the start, engineered by Barack Obama, the FBI/DOJ nexus, James Clapper, John Brennan, Loretta Lynch, leading Democrats, rogue Republicans, and using a deeply partisan and thus compromised media as its vengeful Greek chorus.”

"Operation Crossfire Hurricane" was that small cabal of five rogue senior FBI and DOJ officials, and Obama officials who started this coup 100 days before the election was even decided. They set about to exonerate Hillary, illegally, and frame Donald Trump and the people in his campaign should he have won. The FBI went so far as to plant a mole inside the campaign to start asking questions on foreign policy, to later entrap Trump people. Click Here and Click Here Former Director of National Intelligence and serial liar James Clapper told CNN's Don Lemon that the president's claim that the Obama administration spied on his campaign is "hyperbole" but if it is true, it is a "good thing."

Strozk's and Page's 'insurance policy' might well have been one of two things. If the faux legal mechanisms (the Mueller investigation and impeachment) failed the 'insurance policy' may just be an on-call hit squad to take Trump out. Pence would have been denied his right to take office as he would have been falsely implicated as well.

Hillary was always small potatoes, a placeholder as it were. Her health was always suspect. And do you think the plotters would have let a doofus like Tim Kaine take office in the event that Hillary became disabled?

The Democrats would be clamoring for a suspension of the 22nd Amendment and calling for Barack Obama, to "restore calm and order", to step back into his role for the "good of the country". They will still call for Obama if the Democrats manage to Impeach and convict Trump

And then the door would slam shut. The FBI would basically become the State Police, so to speak, the DOJ a collection of corrupt prosecutors and the intelligence community the new KGB

Obama would declare himself president for life with Soros really running the show, as he did for the entire Obama presidency.

In his heart Obama is a small time, garden variety leftist Communist. During his eight years Obama just ran out of time and he was just too incompetent. Fortunately he was also constrained (barely) by the Constitution. He didn't have the guts to follow through. But he has the totalitarian impulse. After all, he went around saying he didn't have Constitutional authority to legalize the the illegals, and then he tried anyway. Fortunately the courts stopped him.

The bottom line 1 is this: The Mueller investigation is simply a coverup for the three original crimes of this coup 1) the original illegal exoneration of Hillary by Comey to insure she won. 2) the penetration of the Trump campaign by an FBI mole during the late summer and early fall 3) the ongoing penetration by that mole of the Trump transition after the election and finally 4) the Special Council effort to destroy the Trump presidency in it's infancy

The bottom line 2 is this: Barack Obama is a Communist. This was all an Obama operation. Why is anyone surprised that a communist (Obama) tried to subvert an election. That is what Communists do. It is Barack Obama and his people like Brennan and Clapper behaving to type. That's what Maduro does in Venezuela. That's what the Castro brothrs did. That's what every communist and socialist nation does. THEY FIX ELECTIONS!!

The bottom line 3 is this: If Operation Crossfire Hurricane wasn’t a plot to restore Barack Obama to the Presidency, why wasn’t the op shutdown after the election was over? It wasn’t. Instead it ramped up with the appointment of a special prosecutor whos only raison d’etre is to cover up the original crimes during the primary season and in the run up to the election.

At this point everything about this coup is rapidly coming to light, except for my theory of the Barack Obama restoration end game. We shall see.