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Jane Fonda And Gloria Steinemís Feminist Talk Radio Flops

By The Neville Awards
Posted August 20, 2007

Allow us to gloat, yet again. Our last schadenfreude moment came when Rosie self-destructed on The View. Following the collapse of the leftist America-hating Air America, Jane and Gloria Radio has gone the way of the Edsel. Ignoring the principles of capitalism and the marketplace Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem started the all feminist, all liberal, all leftist, all the time, talk radio network in Sepember of 2006. Like Air America it has failed spectacularly.

What Hanoi Jane didn't count on was the fact there are aleady successful female talk show hosts on the air. Laura Ingraham, Tammy Bruce and Dr. Laura, to name a few, just happen to be conservatives. They appeal to both women and men while showing that the sex of a host is less important than their entertainment value to listeners.

It isn't surprising that Fonda and Steinem neglected the fundamental law of capitalism: give the customer what they want. They are leftists after all.


The "feminist" radio company whose founders include Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem failed to attract an audience and it signed off the air for good on Friday.

When the talk-radio network, called GreenStone, officially launched in September 2006, NewsMax reported that it was a "new left-wing radio network that plans to appeal to women listeners and counter the dominance of conservative talk radio."

GreenStone claimed it would deliver "de-politicized, de-polarized talk radio by women hosts for female listeners," and Steinem said it would offer an alternative to current radio talk, which she described as "very argumentative, quite hostile, and very much male-dominated."

She also said radio was "overbalanced toward the ultra-right." But "Greenstone Media's brand of tepid liberalism didn't appeal to women," Carrie Lukas, author of "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex and Feminism," writes in the New York Post.

Greenstone offered interviews with such liberals as Ralph Nader, as well as segments on parenting and relationships.

But its programming was picked up by only eight affiliates in small to mid-sized markets, and its backers have now pulled the plug.

GreenStone's CEO Susan Ness deplored the end of GreenStone as a loss for women. But Lukas observes: "Perhaps Ness should use her time off to tune in to other stations. She'll find there are many prominent women on the airwaves - they're just not saying what she thinks they should."

Lukas pointed to Laura Ingraham, who is heard on 340 stations and has an audience of more than 5 million, and Dr. Laura Schlessinger, with some 7.75 million listeners.

To attract large numbers of female listeners, "it will take more than having 'all-female' programming from an 'all-female' network," Lukas opines.

"Women want to be entertained and engaged. We don't listen to radio or (Hillary backers take note) vote out of solidarity."

The left, as usual, doesn't get it. No one wants to listen to their point of view. It may be the loudest point of view, but no one listens. People don't care for relentlessly negative, irrational shrieking and conspiracy theories. No doubt we will hear about the evil force that keeps the left's point of view off the air and the need for the Fairness Doctrine. The "evil force" is, of course, the free market.
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