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Epic Fail -- One Nation Leftist/Communist/Socialist/Democrat Rally Lays an Egg

By The Neville Awards
Posted October 3, 2010

In a pathetic attempt to counter Glenn Beck's 8/28/10 Restoring Honor Rally, a gaggle of leftist losers held their own astroturf rally to proclaim whatever it is they feel needs proclaiming, as long as it is anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-religion, anti-Israel, anti-war, pro-communist, pro-Muslim, pro-Palestinian, pro-socialist and pro-progressive.

A virtual who's who on the left sponsored the rally and an actual multitude failed to show up.

Behold the epic failure of the One Nation gathering on the mall:

Child abuse?

Leftist environmentalism on display

Leftist environmentalism on display....again

Leftist environmentalism on display....yet again

Overhead shot from the astroturfed One Nation rally posted at the left-wing Huffington Post.

Crowd shot from Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally in late August.

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