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Obama in NYC -- Just Like You and Me

By Gary Starr for The Neville Awards
June 2, 2009

On the eve of our Fraudinator-in-Chief's second Apology Tour to the Middle East he felt the need for a little getaway. So he and Michelle boarded a corporate jet and flew to New York City for dinner and a show. Cost to the taxpayer...around $200,000 each way.

Normally we do not complain about a little presidential RnR even in the middle of what Obama always calls the worst economy since the Great Depression (Isn't it always calls the worst economy since the Great Depression for Democrats? But I digress). After all, he's been so busy spending us into oblivion, nationalizing the banks and the auto industry, going out for burgers with the guys and ordering in for pizza from St. Louis. He needs a rest.

What makes this little jaunt so galling is that back in February 2009, on the eve of the auto bailouts hearings, the auto execs flew to Washington on their corporate jets and got their heads handed to them by Congress. The president said no more corporate jets in the middle of this economy. No more corporate sponsored all-expense paid trips to Vegas, Miami etc.

As a result the president pretty much killed commerce in Las Vegas. Attendance to any conventions left in that city is non-existent.

So what gives Mr. Prez? The state-owned press is silent of course. We remember the same press corps upbraiding Nancy Reagan for picking out some china in the middle of the '81-'82 recession.

We remember the press upbraiding Bush for taking vacations to his Crawford ranch during wartime.

NYC Mayor Bloomberg had an interesting perspective on the Obama jaunt. He said the president's trip points out that NYC is a safe, affordable destination and that the president doesn't earn that much money and is on a budget just like everybody else.

Coming from a guy who is worth $16B the president's $400,000 a year salary must seem like small change. Keep in mind that the taxpayer picked up the transportation costs. If the president paid for anything it would have been the show tickets and dinner. The rest of us "six-figure" folks will just have to pay for our corporate jet transportation.

That is, of course, if we haven't been laid off from our six-figure jobs.
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