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Tom Daschle, Failure to Report Income Taxes, Corruption Eruptions, Part 4

By Gary Starr For The Neville Awards
Posted Jan 31, 2009

Neville Update: Daschle pulled his name from consideration on February 2, 2009...too bad, he would have provided a wealth of material for us.

Former Senator, now Health Sec. nominee Tom Daschle is very see, it was just a little oversight. "Sen. Daschle made a mistake which he deeply regrets," spokeswoman Jenny Backus said.

The story continues below...

Yes, another Obama cabinet nominee has, according to the Obama White House, "some tax issues". At least he doesn't have any illegal immigrant nanny issues.

We at Neville have said from Nov. 5, 2008 that the Obama Administration would be the most corrupt in U.S. history.

Apparently Daschle failed to report $128,203 in back taxes. He has since filed an amended return including $11,964 in interest.

Obama needs to say au revoir to Tom Daschle -- right now.

But what the hell, Obama has already succeeded in getting one tax-cheat appointed to his Cabinet -- Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner.

For elite Democrats tax cheating has become an upwardly mobile career move.

But it gets even jucier. Per the

Daschle used the Cadillac and driver around Washington while working as a consultant to a New York City private equity firm, InterMedia Advisors. He used the limo 80 percent for personal use - resulting in unreported income of more than $255,000 for the three years, Senate Finance Committee documents show. InterMedia paid Daschle consulting fees at a rate of $1 million a year - or $83,333 a month. Daschle's financial disclosure forms put his income from InterMedia at more than $2 million since 2005.

So with the unreported income from the use of a car service in the amounts of $73,031 in 2005, $89,129 in 2006 and $93,096 in 2007; the unreported consulting income of $83,333 in 2007; and the adjusted reductions in charitable contributions, Daschle adds a total of $353,552 in additional income and reduced donations, meaning an additional tax payment of $128,203, in addition to $11,964 in interest.

The Senate Finance Committee staff still is reviewing whether travel and entertainment services provided by EduCap, Inc., the Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation, Academy Achievement, and Loan to Learn to Tom and Linda Daschle should also be reported as income. Earlier this month, the Wall Street Journal reported that Daschle made use of the jet belonging to EduCap, a non-profit student loan organization.

All of this makes Geithner's transgressions seem like chump change.

And Nancy Pelosi has the gall to complain about the Republican "culture of corruption".

The Chicago way comes to Washington.
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