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NEVILLE SEZ: Save the Earth - Save a Tree -
Put a leftist masquerading as a journalist out of work!
Cancel Your Newspaper Subscriptions!!

Resistance is fultile. We are all doomed. The seas are rising...the glaciers are melting, the Polar Bears are on the endangered list (even though their numbers are actually increasing) and Al Gore is very angry. He says the case is "closed" on global warming.

Anyone who disagrees is a knuckle-dragging "Climate Change Denier". Of course Big Al (and we do mean biiiiig) won't actually debate anybody on the sceptic's side.

So no more plastic bags. Buy the renewable canvas bags with the stylish Trader Joes/Whole Foods logos.

Curb your carbon footprint. No more CO2 emissions. You will need a hybrid vehicle.

Go out and spend beaucoup bucks on those brand new CFL light bulbs. Just make sure you shut down and evacuate your house if you drop one of those mercury-filled eco-friendly bulbs. You will need a Haz-Mat team for the clean-up.

Ever notice how expensive it is to go green?

Yes, global warming, or climate change as it is called now, is the new mantra...our new religion. We are bombarded daily with doom and gloom scenarios from rising oceans within ten to 50 years, depending on who's numbers you believe, to Ted Turner claiming we will all be cannibals living in failed states. Our kids are inundated with year round Earth Day propaganda and Al Gore runs around telling us "the planet has a fever". Well, so be it.

The next time your kid comes home with some liberal teacher-induced guilt trip about how your SUV is killing the planet and it's all your fault simply tell him/her, "OK, no more Little League, ballet lessons, karate lessons, piano lessons, soccer/football practice etc. After all, I have to drive you everywhere. Just think, you and I will be saving the planet because we no longer have to use the car for all of your activities."

And just think Mom and Dad, you will save some gas money and you just might have a little more time for yourself. NOT! The instant the hammer comes down on all of the kid entitlement activities you will see these idealistic guilt-ridden tykes turn into warming be damned.

If your kid just whines about the loss of his fav activity, hold your ground and tell him/her to tell the teacher it's the school's fault and the teacher's fault that they've been axed from the kid activities. You'll probably get hauled before a principal/teacher star chamber tribunal. Here's your chance to "catch a double", so to speak. Remember, these are liberals, weak people, easily intimidated, cowards all. Not much different from the average school bully. Tell them they are a bunch of know-nothing spineless leftist ninny-nanny staters and you are considering pulling your kid out of school. You are also considering a lawsuit for disseminating fear and bad science. You are also losing time from work to participate in this Marxist nonsense. Watch how high they jump. You just might get the curriculum altered.

A Neville Awards Public Service Announcement: Remember campers, global warming is not's a choice........unless the sun decides to put out more energy as it did during the Medieval Warming Period (850-1250 AD)......followed by decreased sun energy output which brought on the Little Ice Age (1350-1850 AD).....which was followed by increased sun energy output resulting in the climate we now enjoy......are we putting out too many inconvenient truths here?

The biggest inconvenient truth here is that we are between Ice Ages...the last one ending some 10,000 years ago...the next one coming within the next 10,000 years. It's inevitable and unstoppable and there is nothing we can do about it. There will also be increased vulcanism and continental drift, all of which has been going on for 3 billion of the earth's 4.5 billion years of existence. The power and scale of time of the earth is unimaginable to us. We only have a frame of reference of, at most, thousands of years, millions if we are trained scientists. The idea that we can control the earth is self-involved vanity and stupidity....characteristics found in the average liberal.

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