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Killing Osama - Let the Obama Bashing Re-Commence

By Gary Starr for the Neville Awards
May 4, 2011

He's been dead for three days -- we can now safely go back into Obama-bashing mode.

Bush Was Right - Waterboarding Works

It's certainly not what Leftists wanted to hear, but Obama's head of the CIA confirmed with Brian Williams on NBC that some of the information used to capture Osama bin Laden was gained through the use of waterboarding.

Congressman Peter King told Bill O'Reilly the same thing as did former Defense Sec. Donald Rumsfeld on Hannity.

Attorney General Eric Holder was asked by the House Judiciary Committee if waterboarding produced intelligence that helped the United States find Osama bin Laden he just couldn't bring himself to confirm that tidbit of information. Instead he gassed around about the "mosaic" of techniques used.

"There was a mosaic of sources that led to the identification of people who led to," Holder began - but instead of letting him double-speak his way out of answering California Republican Dan Lungren quickly jumped in.

"I understand that, but were any pieces of that mosaic as the result of enhanced interrogation techniques?" Lungren asked.

"I do not know," Holder replied.

An amazing response from the guy who wanted to prosecute the purveyors of torture just one year ago.

The Story Continues Below:

John Yoo, writing in the Wall Street Journal vindicates all that Bush did during his administration to prosecute the War on Terror:

From Guantanamo to Abbottabad

MAY 4, 2011

by John Yoo

Sunday's success also vindicates the Bush administration, whose intelligence architecture marked the path to bin Laden's door. According to current and former administration officials, CIA interrogators gathered the initial information that ultimately led to bin Laden's death. The United States located al Qaeda's leader by learning the identity of a trusted courier from the tough interrogations of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the architect of the 9/11 attacks, and his successor, Abu Faraj al-Libi.

President George W. Bush, not his successor, constructed the interrogation and warrantless surveillance programs that produced this week's actionable intelligence. For this, congressional Democrats and media pundits pilloried him for allegedly exceeding his presidential powers and violating the Bill of Rights.

As a candidate in 2008, then-Sen. Obama held Mr. Bush and Sen. John McCain "responsible for the most disastrous set of foreign policy decisions in the recent history of the United States." These decisions, he said, allowed bin Laden and his circle to establish "a safe-haven in northwest Pakistan, where they operate with such freedom of action that they can still put out hate-filled audiotapes to the outside world."

Upon taking office, Mr. Obama tried to fulfill the dreams of the antiwar left. In January 2009, he signed executive orders to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay and limit the CIA to U.S. military interrogation methods. He made it clear that al Qaeda leaders would be tried in civilian courts. And in August 2009, his attorney general, Eric Holder, launched a criminal investigation into CIA officers who had interrogated al Qaeda leaders.

Imagine what would have happened if the Obama administration had been running things immediately following 9/11. After their "arrest," we would have read KSM and al-Libi their Miranda rights, provided them legal counsel, sent them to the U.S. for detention, and granted them all the rights provided a U.S. citizen in criminal proceedings.

The Usual Leftist Response

PC liberals at the NY Times, the Washington Post and other Leftist outlets were quick to wring their hands and sneer at celebrants chanting "USA! USA!" Describing the celebrations as "vulgar," they warned of the moral implications of killing OBL . It generally went something like this:

"When I saw that folks were celebrating in the streets at the news of bin Laden's death, my first reaction was a cringe. Remember how we all felt watching videos of Muslims dancing in celebration on Sept. 11, 2001? Are we simply creating star-spangled recruitment tapes for a new generation of terrorists killing in the name of their new martyr? They're going to come after us for this, we'll suffer terrorism more than ever now, woe is us"

And of course there was Code Pink's Medea Benjamin on the Michael Medved Show whining about the tastelessness of the aftermath and how we don't really have a "peace" president like Roosevelt….is she that stupid?

Burial Hypocrisy

In another sop to the Left, political correctness and Islam, Team Obama is touting the burial at sea as in accordance with Muslim tradition. However all we heard for ten years was that bin Laden had perverted Islam. So why the fake decorum? Most sensible folks would not have had a problem seeing bin Laden wrapped in bacon and spread-eagled in the desert for the vultures. Instead he "sleeps with the fishes."

No Pic For You!

When it came to releasing more Abu Ghraib pics, Obama had to be virtually hogtied to prevent their release, such was his desire to embarrass the Bush Administration. But 'Dead Osama' pics? Can't do that. The American people are waaaayyyy too sensitive for such a grotesque sight. And besides, it might upset the Muslims.

Note to Obama....they are already upset. The Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Hezbollah have already threatened retaliation and the rest of the Arab street is strangely silent. And they still hate us.

In the aftermath of the assassination the Obama Administration has been running around like spinning tops....the story changes every day. This from Alan Dershowitz (no conservative by any means) writing in the Wall St. Journal:

The president's decision to withhold photographs of the dead Osama bin Laden is only the last in a series of terrible mistakes in the handling of his body. Although there should be no doubt that bin Laden is actually dead, there are grave doubts as to the circumstances surrounding his death. Was he shot in cold blood? Was he shot in the back or in the front? Were his hands raised in surrender? Was he actively resisting?

Many of these doubts could have been resolved if bin Laden's body had been subjected to the usual investigatory techniques routinely employed in homicide cases. His body should have been subjected to an autopsy, to forensic testing by an experienced medical examiner, to extensive photographing of entrance and exit wounds, to paraffin testing for gun-powder residue, and to other such forensic examination.

Burying his body at sea constituted the willful destruction of relevant evidence, which naturally gives rise to suspicions that there was something to hide. I fully credit the administration's explanation that the reason for the hasty burial at sea was the desire not to offend religious Muslims and not to create a shrine to a dead mass murderer. But many reasonable people around the world will wonder whether the decision may also have been based on a desire to suppress the whole truth.

The conspiracy nut in me is beginning to suspect a cover-up. Is Osama really dead? There is literally no proof other than the word of Obama....a man who lies every time he is in front of a microphone.

There is no picture, no physical evidence other than hearsay about some DNA. And are we to believe that, in this day of the ubiquitous cellphone cam that no enterprising Pakistani took video of the helicopters that landed at the compound. They are not exactly silent.

I don't want to get too lost in the weeds and get consigned to the fake moon-landing, Elvis is alive, the CIA killed Kennedy crowd. JUST SHOW US THE DAMN PICTURE!!!!!

A Second Term? God Help Us.

On the face of it Obama's the Man….for now. But as we all know from history, all glory is fleeting. Just ask Bush the Elder. After Operation Desert Storm he was the Man with an 89% percent approval rating. He looked unbeatable sixteen months out from his re-election.

Bush managed to blow it. He broke his no-tax pledge and was hobbled by a mild recession. Bill Clinton kept pounding "It's the economy stupid." And he beat Bush quite handily.

Killing Osama does not create one job or lower gas prices. Nor does it stop the dollar's free-fall, or the inflationary tide.

Obama has gotten his 9% bump and he's taking his victory lap at Ground Zero. Bush II and Clinton have rightly declined Obama's invitation to be part of this tasteless campaign commercial.
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