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The Liberal Lies of Haditha -- Two Articles

Murtha Lied; Marines Were Tried (And Acquitted)

"Innocent" at Haditha" -- John "Abscam" Murtha confronted on his charges

Murtha Lied; Marines Were Tried (And Acquitted)

By Ben Johnson --
Posted 6/18/2008

On May 17, 2006, John Murtha, he of the unassailable "war hero"/"patriot" mythos, assailed his fellow Marines in Haditha as murderers "in cold blood." The super-patriot made this indictment, in front of an international audience, before an investigation had concluded. His spurious charges seem to have done those eight men charged little legal damage - but they have caused incalculable harm to the United States armed forces still in the field.

At Camp Pendleton yesterday, military judge Col. Steven Folsom dismissed all charges against Lt. Col. Jeffrey R. Chessani, the highest-ranking officer accused in the Haditha massacre-of-justice. The ruling makes him the seventh of eight accused in the Haditha skirmish to have charges dismissed. In Chessani's case, his charges were dropped without prejudice - meaning they could be filed again later, but CentCom could not be part of the process, as there had been fear the judge had an inappropriately close relationship with one of the investigators. Chessani had been accused of violating a lawful order and dereliction of duty in reporting the incident.

The antiwar Left morphed reporting errors into a "cover-up," much as it deformed a self-defense operation against terrorists hiding amidst Iraq's civilian population as an imperial assault on 24 blameless Iraqi civilians cowering "as if in prayer."

Lt. Col. Chessani can now be reunited with his six young children."We hope it's over," said his attorney Brian Rooney." We believe it should be over." Rooney added, "We've had to go through a two-year process to prove what we knew from the beginning."

Rooney referred to the report of the military's internal investigation, issued in March 2006, two months before Murtha denounced his own military before the world. (Watch Murtha slander our troops.) The report concluded, "there is no evidence that the Marines intentionally set out to target, engage, and kill non-combatants."

Every trial to date has proven the report truthful and Murtha a calumnious liar:
  • In April 2007, the government offered immunity to Sgt. Sanick P. Dela Cruz in exchange for his testimony. He promptly changed his story five times.
  • In August 2007, Lt. Gen. James Mattis pronounced 22-year-old Lance Cpl. Justin Sharratt absolutely "innocent" of all wrongdoing.
  • At the same time, Lt. Gen. Mattis waved charges of dereliction of duty against Capt. Randall Stone, saying Stone's actions did not "rise to the level of criminal behavior."
  • One month later, prosecutors granted immunity to Capt. Lucas McConnell, who was not at the scene, in exchange for his testimony.
  • In April 2008, the government dismissed all charges against 26-year-old Lance Cpl. Stephen Tatum "with prejudice." Although an eyewitness testified Tatum acted with malice aforethought, Tatum passed his lie detector test, while his accuser failed his. His adversary, a native of Venezuela, also happened to be "trying to get his application for U.S. citizenship released by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, which is holding up his papers." Tatum nearly broke down on the stand last July, telling the judge: "I am not comfortable with the fact that I might have shot a child…That is a burden I will have to bear."
  • Two weeks ago, a jury found Lt. Andrew Grayson "not guilty" of multiple counts of making false official statements and one count of attempting to deceive.
At present, charges remain only against Staff Sgt. Frank D. Wuterich, those for lesser charges than "murder," premeditated or otherwise. Wuterich has sued Jack Murtha for defamation , but the damage done to his reputation and that of his squad is overshadowed by the cloud Murtha placed over the entire United States armed forces, for partisan political gain.

Even the infamously left-leaning Reuters (which refuses to call the 9/11 hijackers "terrorists") noted, "The reports brought international condemnation on U.S. troops in Iraq and famously inspired Rep. John Murtha, a Democrat from Pennsylvania and critic of the war, to charge that the Marines had killed the civilians 'in cold blood.'" The damage of Murtha's single news conference alone can hardly be overestimated. Al-Jazeera beamed the Johnstown Democrat's lurid tales throughout the Muslim world.

However, the lie did not end with that infamous announcement. The Left quickly hooked onto the alleged slaughter as a convenient bludgeon against the president - although in practice they swung mostly at our troops. A headline at The DailyKos trumpeted, "Iraqi Massacre: It's Not Just Haditha." Über-leftist Robert Fisk similarly asked, "Could Haditha be just the tip of the mass grave?"

As David Horowitz and I explain in our new book, Party of Defeat, this is but the tip of the Left's lies about American soldiers in harm's way. Unlike every other conflict in American history, with the exception of the Civil War, our troops have had to enter combat as the same politicians who voted to send them into battle divided the nation, poisoned their name around the world, and subverted their own morale.

The last may be the most overlooked part of the Haditha atrocity. (I speak here of Murtha's persecution of the innocent.) The ability of U.S. soldiers to prosecute a war and defend themselves (and us) against the terrorist enemy is the cruelest casualty of the Party of Defeat's war against our troops. Chessani's lawyer Brian Rooney observed, "You need to trust what your battlefield commanders are telling you and give them the benefit of the doubt." McConnell's defense lawyer, Kevin McDermott, stated last year: "You don't want the lance corporal, the 19-year-old kid with the M-16, thinking twice about pulling the trigger for fear that he'll end up being investigated if in fact he reasonably believes there are insurgents involved with the attack upon him."

American soldiers have lost their lives because of witch-hunts like those of Murtha against the Haditha innocents. In Party of Defeat, David and I recount the story of Navy SEAL Marc Luttrell. Luttrell led his fellow SEALS on a covert mission in Afghanistan when they were sure a group of local goat-herders had spotted them and were about to report them to al-Qaeda warlords. The group considered shooting the spies but desisted, knowing the fire they would come under for "murdering" innocent Afghan civilians - some teenaged, to boot. Al-Qaeda terrorists rained fire upon them within an hour, killing 19 American soldiers. Luttrell reflected he and his men remained "tortured, shot, blown up, my best buddies all dead, and all because we were afraid of the liberals back home, afraid to do what was necessary to save our own lives." (Emphasis added.)

Chief among those liberals who cost Luttrell's friends their lives was one Rep. John Murtha, D-PA, the Speaker of the House's first choice for House Majority Leader. Murtha is best known for:
  • In the words of the New York Times, "Trading Votes for Pork Across the House Aisle" - and threatening those who try to derail his gravy train;
  • Being named an unindicted co-conspirator in Abscam;
  • Slandering his fellow Marines at Haditha;
  • Refusing to apologize for slandering our men in uniform (or even discuss an apology);
  • Lying about troop morale; and
  • Advocating al-Qaeda's foreign policy for more than 25 years.
As wrote in an editorial last December, "It's (Past) Time for Murtha to Resign." Sadly, as David Horowitz and I found in researching our book, his absence will leave behind a den of radicals eager to take up where he left off.

"Innocent" at Haditha" -- John "Abscam" Murtha confronted on his charges

By Ben Johnson --
Posted 8/10/2007

IT'S BEEN MORE THAN A YEAR SINCE JOHN MURTHA charged that U.S. Marines "killed innocent civilians in cold blood" in Haditha. Yesterday, a military commander lifted Murtha's preemptive conviction.

Last May, John Murtha held a press conference accusing our soldiers of slaughtering 24 Iraqis - including women and children - in the town of Haditha in late November 2005. He guaranteed an investigation would determine "[o]ur troops overreacted because of the pressure on them, and they killed innocent civilians in cold blood." His words ricocheted around the Arab world, as Al Jazeera dutifully quoted him. This "pressure," Murtha said, could be ended by bringing troops home. The government eventually charged four men with "unpremeditated murder."

On August 9th, the military dismissed all charges against one of the remaining three Marines accused of murder.[1] Indeed, Lt. Gen. James Mattis went further than finding Lance Cpl. Justin Sharratt not guilty; he called the 22-year-old "innocent." He concluded his statement by noting Sharratt "has always remained cloaked in the presumption of innocence, with this dismissal of charges, he remains in the eyes of the law - and in my eyes - innocent."

All the accused have claimed they engaged in a battle with terrorists, who hid inside a home, and the civilian deaths were unintentional. Mattis verified this claim, adding a fact that seems to elude Murtha: "our nation is fighting a shadowy enemy who hides among the innocent people, does not comply with any aspect of the law of war, and routinely targets and intentionally draws fire toward civilians."

The ruling is merely the latest indication that the government's case against the three is crumbling. In June, Lt. Col. Paul Ware told the prosecution flatly, "The account you want me to believe does not support unpremeditated murder. Your theories don't match the reason you say we should go to trial." Relatives would not allow doctors to autopsy the bodies, and the house in question had been freshly repaired and painted before investigators could retrieve additional evidence. (Ware also doubted Iraqi witnesses would travel stateside to testify.) However, photographs of the scene revealed the curtains and walls were riddled with bullet holes - indicating a firefight had taken place.

In April, the government dropped charges against Sgt. Sanick P. Dela Cruz in exchange for his testimony and provided immunity for several others. A defense attorney states Dela Cruz has already changed his story five times.

Two others remain charged with murder: Lance Cpl. Stephen B. Tatum and Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich. Tatum's Article 32 hearing - a military-style Grand Jury, which determines if the case proceeds to a court martial trial - wrapped up late last month. Prosecutors accuse Tatum of not following the Rules of Engagement, which state the Marine must identify that each specific target has hostile intent before firing. Which sounds like a terrific way to end up in the Memorial Day eulogy rather than the Veterans Day parade.

Tatum nearly broke down into tears when he recounted that he may have killed a child; yet he maintains after an explosion, he heard someone rack an AK-47 and could not clearly see the targets through the smoke. The prosecution's star witness, Lance Cpl. Humberto Mendoza, testified Tatum ordered him to murder the innocents, then Tatum did it himself when he refused.

There are, however, significant reasons to question Mendoza's veracity. While Tatum passed his lie detector test, Mendoza failed his. Mendoza admitted shooting two unarmed people, and confessed to lying and withholding evidence for more than a year. His testimony conflicts with that of every other witness, and with itself. Oh, and "Mendoza is trying to get his application for U.S. citizenship released by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, which is holding up his papers." Mattis has yet to rule in this case.

Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich has yet to have his Article 32 hearing.

If Murtha genuinely cared about the troops, he would have protested the conditions of their interrogations. Investigators refused to provide attorneys to those who asked, questioned the men for 12 hours at a time, and did not give them bathroom breaks. (The men had to relieve themselves into bottles.) Had this treatment taken place at Guantanamo Bay, Congress would have already held a dozen hearings on the issue. When this treatment is accorded to enlisted men instead of terrorist murderers, the Democratic Left's outrage seems to wane.

The media, too, lost interest when the proceedings no longer portrayed the enlisted men as brutal babykillers. True to form, Murtha's blood libel made front page headlines. The proceedings were largely passed over - except when Mendoza testified. News of the exoneration has yet to make a ripple. Murtha demonized Sharratt and the others in front of the entire world. Tatum and Wuterich may yet prove guilty, but if they are acquitted, they may well join Sharratt in asking, "Where do I go to get my reputation back?"

Sharratt's good name was the first casualty of Jack Murtha's Iraq policy. If the Left succeeds in following all his advice, future casualties will not be figurative.


1. He also threw out separate charges against another GI in the Haditha incident.

Nevilles Notes:

On September 20, 2007 Congressman Jack "Abscam" Murtha was confronted by Jason Mattera...we've got it on Youtube...priceless!!

We've also included Murtha's appearance on Hardball where he accused the marines of murder...before the trial naturally. What is a doddering fool like this doing in congress?

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