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Eurotopia and Eurabia: Time to Pay the Financial Piper

By Gary Starr for the Neville Awards
Oct. 25, 2010

At long last the Germans, the English and the French are acknowledging what Maggie Thatcher knew all along… actually can run out of other peoples' money.

Yes, the sixty-year experiment with Social Democracy is coming to a merciful end. What is galling is that, after we rescued Europe from national socialism (Nazism) and international socialism (Communism), Europeans had the temerity to piss their freedom away by building an expensive entitlement society fueled by uncontrolled Muslim immigration.

The bill is now coming due.



German Chancellor Angela Merkel declared at an Oct. 16 meeting of young members of her party, the Christian Democratic Union, that multiculturalism, or Multikulti, as the Germans put it, "has failed totally." Horst Seehofer, minister-president of Bavaria and the chairman of a sister party to the Christian Democrats, said at the same meeting that the two parties were "committed to a dominant German culture and opposed to a multicultural one." Merkel also said that the flood of immigrants is holding back the German economy, although Germany does need more highly trained specialists, as opposed to the laborers who have sought economic advantages in Germany.

The statements were striking in their bluntness and their willingness to speak of a dominant German culture, a concept that for obvious reasons Germans have been sensitive about asserting since World War II. The statement should be taken with utmost seriousness and considered for its social and geopolitical implications. It should also be considered in the broader context of Europe's response to immigration, not to Germany's response alone.


The story coninues below:

England has just announced the largest public spending cuts since World War II.

Britain is "on the road to ruin" unless action is taken to cut the deficit, Chancellor George Osborne has told the BBC. "Unless we take determined and concerted action, we will find our country on the road to ruin" said Osbourn

"The Budget looks less progressive - indeed somewhat regressive - when you take out the effect of measures that were inherited from the previous government and when you look further into the future than 2013," said Institute for Fiscal Studies director Robert Chote.

Well, too bad.

Britons are tired of propping up imported labor from eastern Europe and Pakistan and tolerating calls for Sharia from the likes of London's Imam Choudary, who continually calls for the overthrow of the government, both in the UK and the U.S., while living on the public dole since his arrival in England.


In France the peasants are revolting (Oui zey are quite revolting!!) because President Sarkozy has proposed raising the retirement age from 60 to….oh the humanity…..62.

Taking a page from the Greeks, whose economy has already collapsed, and spurred on by the public unions, French 'youts' have taken to the streets in protest. Many of the protesters are college age, which means they haven't even started working for the government yet.

From the Examiner's International Desk:

A proposed bill raising retirement age from 60 to 62 has been met with great opposition, with masked youth joining in protests that have turned violent just outside of Paris and in the southeastern city of Lyon.

The youth, dressed in black, torched cars, smashed storefronts, and threw up roadblocks Tuesday. They clashed with riot police across France as protests over raising retirement age took a radical turn.

Things were so bad that hundreds of flights were canceled.

Oil refinery strikes and blockages emptied the pumps at nearly a third of the nation's gas stations leaving drivers desperate and searching for gas.

The AP reported that some 1.1 million people joined 260 protest marches across France on Tuesday, according to the Interior Ministry, though trade unions put the figure at three times that.

Youth threw stones at police which prompted police to use teargas. One Associated Press photographer was knocked off his motorbike and punched by the youths.

The most violent clashes occurred in Lyon, where rampaging youth torched garbage cans and cars and overturned bus stations. Numerous shops were pillaged. A second AP photographer was slightly injured.

In our own country the folks seem to be rejecting our four-year old experiment with Social Democracy faster than you can say 'HopenChange'!! Energized voters, including Tea Partiers and independents, are poised to send House Democrats packing in the November 2010 midterms. Say buh-bye Nancy. In two years, if all goes as planned, we will finish the job, by getting rid of Obama and Senate Democrats and begin dismantling the 100 year progressive movement that has brought the United States to the brink of financial ruin.
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