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The English Defence League

By Gary Starr for the Neville Awards
May 12, 2011

The worm may be turning in Britain regarding the blatant calls for the overthrow of the English government by Islamic Jihadists in the streets of London and Manchester…..not by the squish, effete, politically correct elites that run the country, mind you, but among Britain's rank and file citizenry.

There has finally arisen a group known as the English Defence League. Their mission statement reads in part:

The English Defence League (EDL) is a human rights organisation that was founded in the wake of the shocking actions of a small group of Muslim extremists who, at a homecoming parade in Luton, openly mocked the sacrifices of our service personnel without any fear of censure. Although these actions were certainly those of a minority, we believe that they reflect other forms of religiously-inspired intolerance and barbarity that are thriving amongst certain sections of the Muslim population in Britain: including, but not limited to, the denigration and oppression of women, the molestation of young children, the committing of so-called honour killings, homophobia, anti-Semitism, and continued support for those responsible for terrorist atrocities.

Whilst we must always protect against the unjust assumption that all Muslims are complicit in or somehow responsible for these crimes, we must not be afraid to speak freely about these issues. This is why the EDL will continue to work to protect the inalienable rights of all people to protest against radical Islam's encroachment into the lives of non-Muslims.

In terms of action the EDL is out on the street confronting Islamic radicals wherever they protest some perceived Islamic slight or some idiotic "insult" to Allah or Islam, most often at the U.S. Embassy, and most recently as a result of the bin Laden killing.

The reactions among British liberals and elitists to the death of bin Laden are starting to come in, and, as usual, there is much wringing of hands, rending of clothing and tearing of hair among the overly sensitive.

Andrew Roberts writing in the Wall St. Journal:

....writer Yasmin Alibhai Brown, was applauded when she said she was "depressed" by the killing, as it "demeans a democracy and a president who has shown himself to be the Ugly American. He's degraded American democracy, which had already degraded itself through torture and rendition." The former Liberal Party leader Paddy Ashdown was then cheered when he said: "I cannot rejoice on the killing of any man. I belong to a country that is founded on the principle of exercise of due process of law," as though the United States was founded on some other idea.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, told reporters: "I think the killing of an unarmed man is always going to leave a very uncomfortable feeling because it doesn't look as if justice is seen to be done." Writer Henry Porter whined about "vital moral issues" in the Guardian. Add to that lawyers Geoffrey Robertson in the Daily Beast and Michael Mansfield in the Guardian defending bin Laden's human rights, and a commentator on the radio station LBC saying that no one should celebrate the death because "we live in a multicultural society," and you can see how utterly degenerate modern Britain has become when it comes to prosecuting the war against terror.

Of course, all the people so far quoted (except Mr. Murray) come from the salaried commentariat, who might be expected to parrot liberal and establishment pieties. The reason I am so worried is that ordinary people I met in London last week shared their pusillanimity.

There was the lady at a cocktail party who told me "It's those gun-toting Yanks at it again." There was my son's classics teacher informing his young charges that he thought bin Laden deserved the "dignity" of a fair trial. And there was the letter about the U.S. celebrations to the conservative-leaning Daily Telegraph stating that terrorist cells "will be further fuelled by those inappropriate reactions by people who should have known better." How? How, Ms. Tess Hyland of Bathurst, could al Qaeda possibly hate us more than they do already?

From Britain's pathetic and ignoble reaction to the death of our greatest ally's No.1 foe, I fear for our fortitude in the continuing war against terror. The British government in London and the British Army in Afghanistan are magnificent, but if the people themselves are shot through with what Winston Churchill called "the long, drawling, dismal tides of drift and surrender," I wonder whether we can be counted upon for much longer.

After ten years of this predictable Leftist crap who is surprised. Thank you to Mr. Roberts for writing about it.

The English Defence League came to our attention from an intrepid soul named Jack Wheeler who described them as follows:

....the British press describes the Moslem protestors as "supporters" of Osama and the counter-protestors denouncing them as "extremists."

This is a perfect example of the vast abyss between the ruling class/media elite in England and the overwhelming majority of native British people. The "extremists" are those of the English Defence League, England's equivalent of Tea Party patriots. They are smeared and reviled by the PC media, and surging in popularity among normal British.

The sentiment against Pakistan immigrants forcing sharia law upon countless communities throughout England, and against England-hating Moslem crazies living off taxpayers is building now to such levels that major violence against them is becoming a certainty - because the government refuses to protect the British and their culture against Islamic destructive encroachment.

Once this anti-Moslem violence breaks out nation-wide, the only way to stop it will be to meet the demand that Moslem immigrants must be deported back to their country of origin, such as Pakistan. This is coming like a freight train, and it's not going to be stopped by media pansies and insufferably snooty politicians.

Wheeler's comparison of the English Defence League as "England's equivalent of Tea Party patriots" may be valid. The Tea Party was described as racist and extremist because we wanted a return to fiscal sanity and an adherence to the Constitution. It was also the Tea Party that loudly opposed the Ground Zero Mosque.

By opposing Islamism there is a definite link. We haven't seen anything on EDL's website regarding the economic austerity measures recently adopted by David Cameron and the current British government, but we can't imagine they would have a problem with it.

We applaud the creation of this group. It's nice to see someone finally standing up to the Islamic crazies in Europe. We hope the organization does not degenerate into some sort of white supremacist/skinhead neo-nazi group as the Tea Party was variously accused of being by the NAACP, Jesse Jackson and other grievance Liberals. Some of the pictures shown below suggest a resemblance, so they need to be careful about image so as not add fuel to the fire, and give the libs an excuse to marginalize them.

However we love one of their logos...a "Templar" oriented cross on a shield with the words "No Surrender" emblazoned below. "Good on yer!!!" And it's refreshing to see someone, anyone, supporting the U.S. military other than American conservatives. Who knows, out of this group may come the next Churchill.

We suggest you go to the site and buy some stuff with the logo on it. You will definitely get into some conversations with some horrified liberals.

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