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Democrats Cry Wolf Again -- Blame Bush and Global Warming for the California Fires

By The Neville Awards
Posted October 26, 2006

How often can the Stupid Party go to the well and blame Bush and Global Warming whenever a natural disaster happens? Whenever they want.

In their zeal to regain presidential power they will politicize everything, including the misery of U.S. citizens who have lost their homes.

Here are the facts:
  • Southern California is a desert...every October through February the Santa Ana winds blow raising temperatures and turning already dried out brush into ripe kindling.
  • Fires have been happening in Southern California before Global Warming was fashionable and before we were in Iraq. We at The Neville Awards would wager that there were even fires in California during World War II.
  • Environmentalists consistently oppose controlled burns which would eliminate much of the dried out undergrowth.
  • California currently has approximately 2000 National Guard troops in Iraq leaving 15,000 troops for other duties in the state such as fire-fighting. This was confirmed by the Pentagon.
  • There is plenty of fire fighting equipment is not needed in Iraq.
But the facts don't matter to this crew. The embers hadn't died down before they were tripping over themselves to opine on how the Bush Administration failed us yet again.

Displaying an advanced case of Bush Derangement Syndrome here was the Stupid Party's kneejerk reaction.

Harry Reid

After a closed door policy meeting with other Senate Democrats, Majority Leader and utter buffoon Hary Reid of Nevada took to the microphones just outside the floor of the United States Senate, and fielded questions.

In response to a question on the energy bill, Reid said the following:

Reid: As you know, one reason that we have the fires burning in Southern California is global warming. One reason the Colorado Basin is going dry is because of global warming.

Six questions later, a reporter followed up on Reid's amazing statement.

Question: Senator, on the California fires, you said that the reason the fires are burning in California is global warming?

Reid: No. Here's what I - I didn't say the reason the fires were burning in Southern California was global warming...

Reid is a moron and a witless opportunist. He tried to use global warming as a prop in a current news story in order to advance his energy bill agenda. When called on it, he denied he said it...RIGHT AFTER HE SAID IT!!. It's on tape.

Barbara Boxer

"Right now we are down 50% in terms of our National Guard equipment because they're all in Iraq, the equipment, half of the equipment. So we really will need help. I think all of our states are down in terms of equipment."

John Garamendi

Then California's lieutenant governor, John Garamendi, gets in on the act. He was on Hardball with Chris Matthews who said, "Is the federal government doing what it has to do here?"

Well, they're doing a lot, and we appreciate what they have done thus far. I got some doubt about the value of President Bush coming out here. How many times did he go to New York -- to New Orleans -- and still made promises, but hasn't delivered? Okay, President Bush comes out, we'll be polite, but, frankly, that's not the solution. How about sending our National Guard back from Iraq so that we have those people available here to help us?

ABC's Claire Shipman asking Schwarzenegger about complaints from Orange County officials that more resources would have helped to head off the fires. Schwarzenegger gave her a flip answer, that anyone complaining "just wants to complain… Trust me when I tell you. You're looking for a mistake and you won't find it because it's all good news. As much as you maybe hate it, but it's good news."

Chris Dodd

Dodd became the first presidential candidate to politicize the Southern California wildfires today while speaking in Chicago at an International Association of Fire Fighters conference. Saying that he is proud the federal government "has gotten funding down to those cities and jurisdictions" affected by the fires, he added, "For a fire this size, we still need more; I think we can do more, and I will."

Asked by reporters to elaborate after his speech, the Connecticut senator cited the Bush Administration's failure to provide sufficient funding to first responders. "The administration, of course, didn't fully fund the Fire Act and Safer Bill," he said, "so we're still short. The new system, which we've written, is a risked-based system, which California would obviously qualify for."

"As you know, Governor Schwarzenegger has had to ask other states for help because so many of California's National Guard, who provide critical support to the citizens while you are fighting the fires, were deployed to Iraq. In a Dodd Administration, never again will our houses be on fire because our troops are taking fire in Iraq. Never again will our first responders be left without the support they need because our President failed to do what it took to keep our communities safe. That is why in 2008, nothing will be more important than leadership that can get results that make us stronger and more secure. That's the first responsibility of an American President."

Bill Richardson

"Today, we all extend our sympathies and prayers to those devastated by the wildfires in California. Millions of Americans are impacted by this natural disaster.

Neighbors should help neighbors in their time of need. As Governor of New Mexico, I ordered two fire crews to California. As a candidate for President, I donated to the American Red Cross and I encourage you to do so as well, click here to do so.

But as someone who believes the war in Iraq is a complete disaster and that we need to get our troops out now, I look at the natural disaster in California and feel compelled to also ask President Bush and every candidate who thinks it is okay for our troops to remain in Iraq until 2013 or longer - where is our National Guard?

So Bush can't win. He's blamed for not responding fast enough during the Katrina disaster and he's told not to come to California because he will get in the way of fire-fighting efforts. Facts on the ground don't matter...the history of southern California doesn't matter. All that matters is scoring political points on the backs of the victims. Disgusting.

Can you say hypocrisy?
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